Kyle Bennett Killed in Auto Accident

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BMX Olympian (2008) Kyle Bennett Killed in Auto Accident -

>>UPDATE: Sunday October 14, 7:14PM – See bottom of page for new details.

Devastating news this morning, as we learn that our long-time friend, Kyle Bennett was killed in an automobile accident in the early hours of October 14, near his home in Conroe Texas. He was 33 year old.

First reported by the Montgomery (TX) County Police Reporter website, the accounts from the scene said that Kyle’s 2006 Toyota Tundra pickup left the roadway, while traveling at a high rate of speed and impacted a wrought iron gate, a culvert pipe and several trees, before coming to a stop, upside down in a residential subdivision. Kyle was alone in the vehicle, and no other vehicles were involved.

The website said that, at the time of the accident (2:16AM Sunday morning), KB may have been en route to the location of a business, where his fiancé’s car was reportedly broken into. Police at the scene reported that Kyle was not wearing his seatbelt when the accident occurred.

This is one of those moments, where you hope and pray the news is a case of mistaken identity, or an internet prank gone wrong. We kept checking Kyle’s Facebook page for a “what’s all this about?” post by Butter, himself…but none came. Unfortunately, photographs of the destroyed pickup on the police reporter website, match images of the truck shown in photos on KB’s Facebook page. Sadly, it appears the truck is the same and this tragedy is all-too-real.

Kyle was the father of a young daughter, and we expect that a support fund will be set up to help Kyle’s daughter and family in the coming days.

Calls to Texas Department of Public Safety officials in the Conroe Area are pending return.

Facebook and the forum are packed with sentiments from friends, former teammates and fans.

Free Agent BMX, via Facebook:

It is with a very heavy heart that the FA Team sends thoughts and prayers to the family of Kyle Bennett, who passed in an accident last night. We were very fortunate to have him a part of our team for so many years.

Greg Hill, via Facebook

KB you are going to be missed by all. You left a mark on the sport and a true legend at such young age. From a local Texas ripper to Olympian and all other accomplishments in between you were a true hero to many. It was a pleasure having you ride with us at GHP. It seems like yesterday when you; Greg Hill and I were hanging at the house before the winter nationals this year teasing you about making sure you had your fig newton’s. Your time was short but we know GOD has bigger things for you. RIP Kyle Bennett.

Our prayers, and indeed, those of BMXers everywhere are with Kyle’s fiancé, Lynsie, and his whole family.

2008 US Olympic Teammate, Mike Day, via Twitter
A good friend, legend, Olympic team mate, and the best to ever do it was taken way to early. RIP KB

BMX News will being you more on this tragic story as more details become available.

—Mike Carruth

>>>UPDATE: Sunday October 14, 7:14PM

BMX News has been in contact with Scott Engel of The Montgomery County Police Reporter website, who filed the initial report, and Jamie Nash, its editor. The website is about to publish a more comprehensive report, which includes the following new details:

Homeowner Ruben Posada said he was in bed when his wife woke him saying she heard noises and thought there was “air coming out,” which turned out to be gas from the broken meter. A neighbor soon came to warn the family about the gas leak, which is when Posada went outside and saw the wreckage on his property. At first, he did not realize what he was seeing.

“There was something on top of the bushes on the flower bed, and I said what is it, and it was a vehicle upside down,” Posada said. “And I never realized that somebody was inside because more people was outside, I thought maybe the vehicle belonged to somebody over there.”
He then learned of Bennett’s death. Posada said he felt bad for the family, because the vehicle and things it damaged can be replaced, he said, but the life that was lost cannot.

One of those Bennett inspired and mentored was 21-year-old Tyler Graeter, who has known Bennett for the past 12 years, having started racing at the age of 9.

“I came out and saw him ride the first time I was out there and it started the biggest interest I ever had,” Graeter said. “He’s been an inspiration to me and many of my friends.”

“We all just looked up to him as kind of a symbol that being someone who can make an impact is actually possible in this sport, and we’ll always remember him for that.”

Graeter said although Bennett had a very busy schedule over the years, it seemed he was always there for him and others.
“I’ll always remember just hanging out here, around the track working on it, and having guy talk – just being around him,” Graeter said. “He always put a smile on your face. He was always cracking jokes, lightening up the mood if everyone was tired and just getting everyone motivated – it was great.”

Cody Machala was another of those who looked up to Bennett and was trying to come to grips with the loss on Sunday.
“Kyle was an inspiration- my hero, he was also everybody else’s inspiration out here,” Machala said. “He was somebody to look up to. A loving father and everybody loved him.”

Machala said he would always remember riding with Bennett, and so much more.
“We always had a good time when we went to the gym,” Machala said. “He was my trainer, my coach, and I was always asking him for advice.”
Machala said Bennett’s Olympic experience was amazing.

“That’s why he’s my hero – going to the Olympics is probably the best thing you can do and he was supposed to win but things happen (referring to Bennett’s Beijing shoulder injury).

“The (Armadillo) track is the way it is because of (Bennett) – without him, the turns wouldn’t be like they are, the building wouldn’t be like it is and people wouldn’t be coming out here (have been).”

There is a candle vigil for Kyle at Kyle Bennett Armadillo BMX tonight at 8:30PM. Mr. Engel will be in attendance, and will post details on their website later this evening or in the morning (link below).


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