Answer/Rennen Team Report: Sept 2012

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Austin Loebe of Answer/Rennen at Louisville

Submitted By George Costa

The month of September has been a whirlwind of events, as Answer/Rennen continues its quest to get to the top of the leaderboard. Three national weekends in just three weeks has proved to be taxing but also very successful for the team. Answer/Rennen has improved its overall score but still remains in second place in the USA BMX factory team division. The team has set a personal record winning the last five team events in a row that we have entered, we are hoping to carry that streak through the Disney Cup and into the Grands, only time will tell. The team comradary and unity is the highest I have ever been around and our riders truly care about how their teammates and the team does. I couldn’t be any prouder of this team. Check out how your favorite Answer/Rennen rider did below

9X Nate Coyman is finally coming into his element and the east coast cruiser champion took 2/3 of the cruiser wins during the Bluegrass nationals. Nate continued wining on his cruiser and 20 in both Trumbull Ct and Greenville SC. Nate is starting to believe in himself and his results are now starting to show what I knew all along.

10X Gavin Freewalt was the only rider on the weekend to take a win away from his teammate on cruiser. Gavin’s focused now on grands and is retooling his training program to show the 10X whats up come thanksgiving

11X Zach Von Bergen was out of commission for a few weeks with a broken kneecap but you would never know it. Our little long haired rockstar came to SC and completely dominated his class both days

11G Bailey Brannen major crashes kept Bailey off the podium until Sunday in KY, Come Disney Bailey is ready to show this 11G class who’s the boss

13X Erik Meyer picked up a win on Sunday at the Bluegrass Nationals in the thick mud then he continued his winning streak in Trumbull Ct both days

13G Abbie Macleod also picked up the mud covered win in KY and went on to win both days in CT and SC. Abbie goes on to win 5 races in a row and so does the team hmmm coincidence I think not.

14X Cam Moore is the 14X east coast champion despite his mudslide scrub on the last straight in KY. Cam skipped CT to race SC where he split wins on the weekend despite having his Florida fan club present.

16X Justin Knapper didn’t have too much luck in KY but his fortunes changed winning a day in CT and both days in SC while celebrating his 16th birthday on Sunday

17-18X Cody Simson showed up in SC looking real good and was able to pull off a 2nd place finish on Sunday in this ultra competitive class

19-27X Austin Loebe went 1/2 on Friday/Saturday in KY, then he did the unthinkable. With no team-sheet commitments on Sunday in KY he and teammate Max Egdorf decided to ship out for a 17hr all night drive to the Aberdeen SD Pro Am race. They made it just in time for a quick 30 min nap before practice. These two guys are going down as legends, because their gamble panned out big time. Austin won the event taking home a cool $4000 while Max placed 4th giving him a solid $1000. They now have a great story for the ages, this is the stuff BMX is all about.

41+ Shawn Diprete went onto podium the first two days of KY and has been back on the grind getting ready for his 41+ debut later on this month. With a Cruiser Cup in his sights the 41-45 Cruiser class will prove to be an exciting race as six of the top eight in the Cup points are all from this class.

A-Pro Max Egdorf podium spots for Max both days in KY have brought him within a few hundred dollars of becoming Elite, good thing the Pro Am money doesn’t count as Max has really stepped up his game this year and we are proud to have him representing us in the Pro Class.

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Stay tuned for 2013 team news, including sponsors and new riders joining the Answer/Rennen squad

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