Whip Check: Dylan Cooley’s DK

September 10, 2012 by  

Whip Check of Dylan Cooley's new DK

We were surprised to see Dylan Cooley rockn a new uniform and bike at the Bluegrass Nationals over Labor Day weekend. Team changes happen in BMX Racing, but the proverbial elevator usually stops, and lets people off, Sunday at the Grands, and leading up to the first of the year.

We did not delve too deeply into the back story, but DC did not miss a beat in this mid-season switcheroo. His DK kit was totally dialed, and he already had a completely new whip, with personalized graphics and everything.

We caught up with him just before the skies opened up on Sunday, to get some quick snaps of his new business machine, along with the full parts list. Check it:

Whip Check: DK Bicycles Dylan Cooley on BMX News

Parts List

Frame: DK Professional 2 Prototype Frame
Fork: DK Race
Headset: Sinz
Cranks: 175mm DK Flash
Gear: DK 4 bolt (44t)
Chain: Kwegco Half Link
Pedals: Shimano DX
Hubs: DK Megawatt
Rims: DK Evolution
Stem: DK Top Load
Handlebars: 8″ DK Grey Bars
Plate: Gate Nine Custom (#456)
Grips: Odi Ruffian Grips
Brakes: Shimano DXR
Brake Cable: DK Slic Cable
Brake Lever: Odyssey Mono Lever
Seat Clamp: Salsa
Seatpost: DK Goal Post
Seat: Tangent
Tires: 1.75 Kenda London 2012

BMXNEWS.COM Whip Check: Dylan Cooley's DK

BMX News Whip Check: Dylan Cooley's DK Whip Check: Dylan Cooley's new DK

*Note: Our bad for not getting with DC on Friday, while this thing was in showroom condition, instead of Sunday as the mains were about to get underway.


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