Answer Rennen Sizzlin Through Summer 2012

August 16, 2012 by  

Answer Rennen Tour Report

By George Costa

The last few weeks the Answer/Rennen team has been on a whirlwind of races which have resulted in thousands of miles traveled, a couple of airport layovers, tons of BMX racing, a new rider added to the roster and big points up for grabs.

We started off the back-to-back race weekends at the legendary South Park BMX track where the team went on to win both days of factory competition, totaling up some big scores. On this weekend one of the highlights was the debut performance of Austin Loebe in Elite men. Austin has been killing the 19-27X class for a few months now and despite him getting his 6th win of the season and giving the amateur boys title a chase his heart is set on following his dream in 2013 and racing Pro. None of us knew just how well Austin would fair against the Elder statesmen of BMX especially when you have the three-time ABA champion, 08 Olympic Silver and Bronze Medalists, and numerous World Champion titles on the gate with you. Lap after lap the team witnessed and cheered Austin as he holeshotted the motos and fought his way into the the semi only to get the dreaded 5th in the semi. South park was a huge confidence boost and hes retooling his training to give himself a shot at a main come Louisville.

The second most significant team related news coming out of South Park was the almost impossible come from behind wins that Cam Moore scored in 14X by opting for the Pro section both days. Having freshly coming off the OTC Beijing replica track in Chula vista I’m sure that Cam wasn’t too worried about the difficulty of the track.These races are the embodiment of what a pro section should do which is provide that advantage due to the difficulty of the jump.

To wrap up South Park coverage our 13G Abbie Macleod score her first two wins of the season shes been training hard and now reaping the rewards.

Next stop on the tour was Las Vegas which, based on history, was expected to be the largest race of the season. Vegas didn’t disappoint as the day 1 totaled 349 motos and the team score another season high of 251 pts the makes it the second score over 250 for us this season. Vegas Day 1 also had the first win of the season scored by Justin Knapper to be followed by big rider count wins of Cam Moore and Austin Loebe. The Win in Vegas was our 4th win in a row the team is on a roll hoping for a repeat performance.

Vegas day 2 wasn’t so good to the team as we had 2 crashes on the sheet and an fractured clavicle by Austin Loebe. We are hoping for Austin’s return next week in Pottstown but the situation is day to day.

We wrapped up our Vegas weekend with the official signing of our newest Member to the Answer/Rennen Roster. We welcome to the team, hailing from Chandler AZ, 8yr old girl Tara “Sugar Cookie” Klein. Tara will provide a southwest girl power presence as she has just received her full gear. word on the street is she is liking the new bike setup.

Stop three on the tour was a Midwest classic Rockford, IL. Some riders flew directly from Vegas to Chicago in order to save the travel time and expense. Big thanks to Erik Meyer’s family for putting the guys up for the week leading to the race. On the weekend the team set forth to take a chance and make sure our presence was felt but with this race being the home track to our Sister Squad Answer/SSquared/TLD we knew the odds may be against us. Nonetheless the team purged forward and came through in the clutch to capture 2nd place on Saturday with a respectable 215. On Sunday we faired 4th with a 205 allowing us to drop some lower early season scores.

Stop four on the tour was the Rockford of the East, Pottstown PA. This track is run by the family of one of our riders, Justin Knapper (Photo at top). The Knappers as always did an amazing job getting the facility ready for the national. Answer/Rennen riders dominated this race but we also suffered some casualties. Shawn Diprete crashed hard and cracked a few ribs…he’ll be in Louisville in a few weeks, hopefully back to full speed. Standout performances from Pottstown came from three team riders in particular. Max Egdorf pulled off back to back wins in A-Pro: his first of the season. Our Dynamic Duo of Moore/Knapper took home the wins in 14X/15X respectfully. Justin may have contested Max for those A-pro wins with this being his home track as he scared away most of the 15X class.

A big highlight of the weekend was our Answer/Rennen Clinic which drew 78 riders and their parents to learn the tips and techniques of some of the fastest riders in the country. I personally gave a gearing seminar in which about 30 parents sat in on and throughout the weekend we had return parents looking for help. To finish off the clinic we raffled off about $2000 of product from our sponsors, which without them we couldn’t do what we do best, win.

The USA BMX factory team battles this year are in full effect, and at this point in the season, Answer/Rennen is sitting second place overall, only down by 15 points. As focus and momentum shifts back to the East for the remainder of the season, we are honored to be in the position we are in representing the best BMX brands in the world. The title chase is on! And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Answer/Rennen is proudly sponsored by: Answer BMX, Rennen Design Group, Ssquared Bicycles, Tioga BMX, G-Cog, Profile Racing, Alienation BMX, Crit BMX, Insight BMX