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Answer Rennen's Austin Loebe at the 2012 USA BMX Music City Nationals

George Costa sent in a nice re-cap of the Answer-Rennen team’s hardware haul from the 2012 USA BMX Music City Nationals. ’twas a great weekend of racing, for sure, and we especially liked seeing the secret “hey-kid-c’mere” peek at the new Answer products that are about to storm the beaches. Keep an eye on BMX News for more on those in the coming weeks.

Here’s what GC had to say:

Nashville, TN has been a long-time staple on the national BMX Racing circuit, and this year was no different. BMX Racers from all over the US converged on the Music city for what was the second-largest race East of the Mississippi, and the official kickoff to Summer 2012.

A total of 254 action-packed motos kept the fans on the edge of their seats. Answer/Rennen came close to walking away with the Factory Team win on Saturday–missing out on a high 220+ score due to the involuntary ejection of Austin Loebe in the first turn of the 19-27X main event.

Sunday proved to be a new day for the team, as we secured the Factory win, with a whopper of a score: 240pts–our second-highest of the season. The win was our fourth factory team win, and the team now sets its sights on the grueling back-to-back race schedule in July, starting with South Park and ending with Pottstown. 

In other Answer/Rennen news, our two Jr. Devo Riders: 14x Cam Moore and 15X Justin Knapper qualified for, and are attending, the next Jr. Devo Camp at the United states Olympic Training center following the Olympic Trials race this weekend. This will be the first trip for both, and they are excited to ramp the course. We wish them luck!

Max Egdorf in first turn at Music City BMX
Also, one of our A-Pros, Max Egdorf recently graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) with a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. This is an amazing achievement considering that, over the last four years, Max never really took time away from racing despite his engineering course load. Congrats to him.  

And finally, Answer/Rennen will be hosting a Pre-national Clinic at the Pottstown, PA track on August 2nd. More to follow, so be sure to mark your calendars, and watch BMX News for all the details. This will be a one-of-a-kind event.

Back to the Music City: Here’s how your favorite riders finished on the weekend.

Gavin Freewalt of Answer Rennen at USA BMX Music City Nationals

9X/Cru Gavin Freewalt (Above) made all four mains, and grabbed the win in 9 Cruiser on Saturday, followed by a strong 2nd place finish in 9x on Sunday.

9X/Cru Nate Coyman (#7, Above) made 3 of 4 mains on the weekend, highlighting his finishes was a 2nd place cruiser finish behind his teammate Gavin.

10X Zach Von Bergen scored double 10x wins on the weekend, winning by a zip code in his class.

13G Abbie Macleod made the podium three out of four races on the weekend and is proving that hard work pays off

14X Cam Moore took the win on Saturday, with a huge 39 rider count in 14X; then scored second on Sunday, trying to just stay up on the track. Cam will be racing the Chula Vista national this coming weekend, and then trying his hand at Supercross tracks the following week while his father trys to not hyper-ventilate at a nearby hotel in Chulajuana.

15X Justin Knapper Scored a respectable 4th place in 15X on Sunday. Look for him to attack the OTC track along with his teammate, and be more ready than ever for South Park after the July 4 holiday.
19-27X Austin Loebe’s (Top) favorite NASCAR racer is Ricky Bobby and he lives by his catch phrase “If your not first, your last!” and that’s just what happened in Nashville. A first turn ejection left Austin shaken but determined to not be in that position come Sunday where he annihilated the field in 19-27X. Mark this down as win number five– the chase for the Amateur Cup is on!

Shawn DiPrete of Answer Rennen at the 2012 USA BMX Music City Nationals
36-40X/Cru Shawn Diprete won 3 of 4 races that his feet would stay clipped in for…challenged at times, but nonetheless winning the classes handily. Look for Shawn to join in the Am cruiser cup chase, come Tulsa.

A-Pro Max Egdorf had a good showing this weekend, winning laps out on the track but crashes kept max from the podium this weekend

A-Pro Phil Delizia was also riding exceptionally strong this weekend and unclipping the main on Saturday left Phil fighting the pack. Come Sunday with no shoe/pedal issues Phil lead the entire main until the last turn where Logan Collins decided that he wanted the win instead and both went down along with almost the rest of the main who slammed into both of them. Luckily no one was hurt and they live to race another day.

Next Stop South Park!

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