Answer/Rennen Morristown Report

March 14, 2012 by  

Cameron Moore of Answer/Rennen in Morristown

Answer/Rennen was in the house for the much anticipated USA BMX debut in Morristown, TN. Being from the East Coast and understanding the new dynamics of racing under one sanction, we were banking on the fact that this would be a big race not only for the team but for the unified sanction. Many Northeast and East Coast riders had not raced since the NBL grands and were itching to get back in the mix. Many waited until the fourth national of the year to be held in Morristown, TN— a long time staple on the NBL circuit. Riders came out in droves, with 307 and 299 motos, respectively, on Sat/Sun. Big moto count means potential for Big team scores and we certainly went Big with a day-one 1st place finish of 251pts and a day two 2nd place with a score of 226. Our scores on the weekend have propelled us to third in the overall USA BMX Factory Team rankings.   

Here is how your favorite riders finished on the weekend

9X/Cru Nate Coyman made both of his mains in 9 cruiser on the weekend making it 6-for-6 main appearances this year

10G/cru Bailey Brannen was just shy of getting yet another double double but winning 3/4 mains on the weekend aint bad considering it was against the current world number 1 rider. Bailey Is riding real strong at the moment and we don’t see her slowing down any time soon.

12X Erik Meyer was a beast this weekend getting stronger and stronger as the weekend went on. Straight double wins in 11-12 open.  

13G Abbie Macleod finally cracked that podium spot in 13-14 girls cruiser on Sunday after getting 4ths on the rest of the weekend. Abbie is progressing along very nicely and its exciting to see her improvements first hand

14X Cam Moore (above) made Morristown his first race of the season and his off-season preparation really showed as he absolutely owned 14x and most of the jr devo races he was in. Unfortunate crashes in mains didn’t give Cam the results he was looking except on Sunday when he owned the Jr Devo class winning the race from start to finish.

Justin Knapper of Answer-Rennen
15X Justin Knapper was the most consistent 15x on the weekend where he completely owned Jr devo winning 2/3 races hes was in along with straight 2nds in class. Justin also became the first-ever winner of the BMX News Photo Trophy Dash contest, after a feverish online battle with Hunter Pelham of J&R Bicycles…which had his mother and myself constantly pleading friends and family to vote. In the end Justin won a “gallery-wrap” canvas of his photo— he is very deserving of the award. Look for big things from Justin this year as the season goes on.

17-27G Shelby Stacy wasn’t very pleased with the track layout. If you know Shelby she likes to jump and while there really wasn’t anything for her to jump on the track she could be found jumping curbs outside during her warmups just to get some air.

Austin Loebe, Team Answer/Rennen
19-27X Austin Loebe took the day one win with a huge 48 rider count. On day two Austin went shopping for the win and all he got was a big ole hay-bale front flip. Austin was making up lots of ground until he crashed and with a 49 rider count on the line I don’t blame him for trying

28-35X Justin Wike  made the trip from reno to make the class look silly including myself despite my constant threats to cut him off there’s no one in this class that’s close unless he wikeouts somewhere which is very well possible.

Shawn Diprete, Team Answer/Rennen
36-40X/Cru Shawn Diprete came close to getting another double double on the weekend but a short track and gate 8 in the main on day one crusier proved to be difficult. The Flat start hill really showcased Shawn’s power which helped him get 3 wins on the weekend

A-Pro Max Egdorf had a standout weekend out-powering most of the A pro class and working the track harder than all in that class he is the example by which we show younger riders on the team what track speed means. Straight 2nds in a deep field of A pro proves max has what it takes

A-Pro Phil Delizia wasn’t digging the gate that or he was trying to win the longest wheelie contes.t An unfortunate semi crash popped phils shoulder out of the socket but luckily it went back in and he’s healing up for the next event.

Next Stop Desoto!

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