Answer/Rennen Oldsmar Race Report

February 29, 2012 by  

Austin Loebe of Answer/Rennen

Submitted by George Costa

Answer/Rennen Made the trip to what is arguably the most technical track in the USABMX directory, Oldsmar FL. John Sawyer and Crew of Oldsmar BMX not only outdid themselves this year with a monstrous tech layout but at the same time this track is smooth as glass and landscaped better than most individuals homes. This was a very important Race for the Answer/Rennen Team as this is also where our Main Sponsor’s Answer BMX and SSquared calls home. Answer/Rennen went on to capture a Day 2 win with our Sister team Jim Buchanan’s Answer-SSquared-TLD getting the win on day 1, (congrats guys/girls). By the end of the weekend there was a whole lot of Answer, Rennen and SSquared mounted bikes winning race after race.

Here is how your favorite riders finished on the weekend

9X/Cru Nate Coyman Dual cruiser podium spots both days has Nate getting back into the swing of things here on the east coast 

10X Zach Von Bergen was looking to air out on his home track but the high winds kept him grounded most of the weekend despite that he pulled through a impressive 2nd place finish on Sunday 

10G/cru Bailey Brannen nickname is “Bad Girl” and when you call Oldsmar your local track and go on to Double-Double in cruiser and 20 I think the title is very deserving. Bailey also got some local media coverage before the national. Check out the link to see her proud mom and dad along with what Bailey had to say about her bmx racing. 

Check out the Video on Tampa Bay Online

12X Erik Meyer wasn’t liking the wind either, but Sunday proved to be a Great day after some aggressive riding gave Erik the win. 

15X Justin Knapper  came away with a 1st and 2nd place finish in 15 cruiser. Look for a motivated Justin at upcoming usabmx nationals he’s determined and the class should watch out

13G Abbie Macleod our newest teenager has been showing tremendous improvement over the last few weeks and Abbie’s hard work   Is on the verge of paying off as she was just shy of the podium after aging up just a few days before the race.

16X Cody Simson was at the race supporting the team but is still out with his back injury. A few more weeks and we’ll be seeing him tearing up a track soon 

17-27G Shelby Stacy  went on to dominate 17-27 girls all weekend skying the jumps while the rest of her class just watched her pull away. In Jr women she came away with podium finishes 

17-18X Austin Loebe could be found out front leading all of the races he was in unfortunately in both 17-18x mains he ended up on the ground both days. Austin turned 19 the day after the race and becomes our 19-27X in Morristown where he is still chasing that first win of the season.

28-35X Justin Wike Wikeout was busy tweeting encouraging messages to his teammates all weekend from his home in Reno. 

36-40X/Cru Shawn Diprete  went onto win 36-40 cru with ease on day 1 and then in 36-40X main he got a little anxious being in  second going through the S-Turn and wiped out. in doing so he suffered a dislocated pinky finger and we spent the next few hrs in the local ER getting it popped back in place, check out the video! 

A-Pro Max Egdorf was working hard for finishes on the super demanding track and ended the weekend with a 6th place finish on Sunday 

Is this the year of the Dragon? I don’t know but I do know that Phil Delizia is back and is determined to sail through A-Pro and get back to AA. With a 1st and 2nd place finishes on the weekend he’s bound to do so. 

Next Stop Morristown!