Barry Nobles Flashing New Colors?

January 10, 2012 by  

Barry Nobles Backyard Edit

Back on Jan 2, Barry Nobles put out a statement, which was picked up by some of the BMX media, stating that he would be leaving SE Bikes, and “moving to another company for 2012.” At the time, there was no word about where Barry would be going, though wide-held speculation on the forums was that he’d be taking a tasty deal with DK Bicycles.

BMX Forum chatter tends to be only one rung above an organized game of telephone in reliability– so, while we love the gossip, it’s hard to put much stock in it when it comes to deciding a BMX News “Top Story.” Some kind of photographic evidence sure would help.

Like this…

Barry Nobles with GoPro


Well, Barry put out a quick iPhone edit last night, filmed at Derek Sipkoi’s backyard stomping grounds. Former SE Teammate, Kris Fox, is in on the session, riding the characteristic street clothes “uniform” of his chosen discipline. And Barry is riding in a full-though-mysterious race kit which clearly aren’t his SE colors, and doesn’t appear to be a generic Fly kit either. In fact, it is Black, Green and White—in other words, very DK like. Tony Hoffman tweeted, in response to the edit “@BarryNobles95 you riding for kawasaki?”

No closeup shots of the jersey or the bike, so we’re forced to “Area 51″ this TwitVid for clues.

Engaging in wild speculation, and watching good riding are favorite pastimes here, so we’re going with it. Besides, we’re huge BN95 fans around the BMX News control center, so always on the lookout for what he has going on.

You make the call!

More on this story, as it becomes available.

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