“Radical Rick” Making Moves Back To BMX

June 13, 2011 by  

Starting in 1980, and continuing through the early 1990s, BMX Plus! readers got to know and love Radical Rick as a cartoon friend who would always be there, winning races, and facing down foes at the track, just like they did in real life.

The monthly comic ran each month, often making appearances in subscription promos,

Well, like most of us, Radical Rick got out of BMX for a time, but is “thinking about getting back into it.” Good news for a new generation of BMXers who will be stoked to see what Rick, MX Mug, Skuzzer Switchblade and the whole Radical Rick cast of characters have in store for the next national.

Cartoon strip creator, Damian Fulton, has posted a Facebook page for Radical Rick, to bring old friends back into the fold, and introduce Rick to an audience born after he foiled his last foe in the pages of “Plus!”

“Like” the page to keep up with Damian’s plans, including the possibility of a feature-length Radical Rick animated film.

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