IPOT Splits and Doubles Up

December 15, 2010 by  

Intense/Phantom/OnTrac Team 2009

The rumors of the what was to come for the storied Intense/Phantom/OnTrac team started circulating a few weeks before the recent ABA Grands. Some reports had everyone except a few choice riders going their separate ways…others told tale of a new creation taking shape to replace name of the team, with most of the players staying the same.

In a release obtained by News today, it looks like the former is going to be the new reality for a 19-member posse.

VSI Products will effectively take over the team, and create two new squads–one running an Intense BMX uniform and frames, and the other rockin the “new” Speed uniform and hardware–all supported by VSI brands Sinz and T.H.E.

The team will be managed by IPOT honcho Donavon Long, whose deep knowledge of the sport and rider development was at the center of the team’s long-standing success. IPOT team owner Chuck Colton will take on more of an “of counsel” role, and will be stepping back to concentrate more on family and his garage door business (the “OnTrac” in Intense/Phantom/OnTrac).

As you’ll read in the release, below, the vision of VSI ringmaster, Toby Henderson, is for the new teams to continue the dynastic stature that IPOT has established, but to step that up to be reminiscent of the “True” factory teams Toby and his contemporaries remember on teams like the SE Factory Boys, Hutch, GT (and related brands), and others of the time.

Here’s the release:

VSI Products is pleased to announce that it will take over the management of the Intense/Phantom/OnTrac Team (IPOT). The change will result in the team being divided into two—Factory Intense and Factory Speed—and the addition of three of the world’s top professionals.
Through Intense, VSI has always been the primary financial backer of the team, in addition to the number-one source of frames and components. Next season, VSI will provide even more financial and product support. OnTrac owner Chuck Colton will reduce his involvement in the team so he can spend more time with his family and focus on his business. Colton will continue to follow the racers and make the familiar IPOT rig available to the teams.
“I want to thank Chuck for his dedication and support of the team all these years. He’s been a great partner and a big part of the success of the team. I wish him well and look forward to seeing him at a race or two in the future,” said Toby Henderson, VSI’s founding partner.
Donavon Long will continue in his role as team manager of the amateur riders while VSI will take care of pros David Herman and Arielle Martin, who will represent Intense, and new Speed racer Marc Willers.
“I’m very excited to be working with VSI to help continue the legacy of the IPOT team. The new addition of the Speed Factory Team will bring a whole new level to the Factory Title hunt for 2011. We put together some of the fastest riders in the world and they will all be ready to help take VSI and BMX to the next level,” Long said.
“And, I can’t thank Chuck and Terry Colton enough for the support that they have given to the riders and family’s over the years. I know that they will keep on giving back to the kids in this sport and others as their grand kids grow and play sports themselves,” he added.
The team has won multiple national titles and is stacked with NAG riders. It narrowly lost the Factory Team title at this year’s ABA Grands, but with two beefed-up rosters it could reclaim the number-one spot and take number-two, as well, next November in Tulsa.
The Intense Factory Team will ride Podium frames with SINZ Elite forks, XXX cranks, bolt-on grips and wheels, Sinz brakes, handlebars, stems and seatposts, THE saddles and number plates and ITS MK2 and Hustler tyres. The Speed Factory riders will race in similarly spec’d Speed M-Series bikes. Look for a few of them to breakout the new 20-millimeter bikes this spring.
“We’re really looking forward to having a closer working relationship with the team. I think it will benefit VSI as we develop and introduce new products and it will help the riders since we’ll be more attentive to their needs. I want this program to be as professional as the factory race teams of the past—like the GT, Hutch, Diamondback and JMC teams of the 1980s,” Henderson said.
New members of the team include Nick Koehler, Shelby Stacy, and Brodie Spott
Factory Intense Team
Dane Gilbert, 7X
Brodie Spott 9X
Bryant White 11X
Madison Martinez 11 Girls
Christopher Blevins 13X
Christopher Abernathy 14X
Sean Gaian 15X
Kristen Long 15X
Rusty Nesvig 17-18X
Chad Street Vet Pro
Factory Intense Team Pros
David Herman
Arielle Martin
Speed Bicycles Factory Team Roster
Wyatt Bell 9X
Brock Heffron 14X
Cole Tesar 15X
Derik Bergh 16X
Felicia Stancil 16 Girls
Nick Koehler 17-18X
Bryce Hocking 17-18X
Shelby Stacy 17 Girls
Fernie Jaquez 19-27X
Speed Factory Team Pro
Marc Willers