Byndloss Bids Farewell to One Bicycles

October 11, 2010 by  


Maliek Byndloss has been one of the most on-the-gas Junior Devos of 2010. He is sittin high on the list in the NAG points for both cruiser and class (currently one and two, respectively among 15 year olds), and we’re anxious to see how the grey plates look as of December 1. Meanwhile, got a little tidbit from the Byndloss camp today:

Maliek Byndloss Bids Farewell to One Bicycles.

Maliek and his parents would like to thank ONE Kenda for a fabulous seven-year partnership. ONE Kenda was more than a team for us they were a part of our family. The Byndloss family would like to thank: ONE Bicycles, Kenda, Nike, Shimano, THE, UFO, Bolle, THOMSON, SINZ, ODI, KMC

Maliek’s ride with One Bicycles has puzzled us here at News for a while now. No doubt, it is one of the most “factory” looking uniforms out there, and make our pictures look awesome. But “ONE” has their base in Europe and, to the best of our knowledge, doesn’t sell bikes here in the states. But, as Maliek’s mom explained it to us, it made more sense…sounding like a case of good people coming together and staying loyal to each other for a period of years. Very cool!

The leaves are falling, and Tulsa’s calling. Gonna be a very interesting 47 days.

—Mike Carruth