Bubba Harris Bolts Up An SX Ride

October 4, 2010 by  

BMXNEWS.COM Reports BMX Racing Team News with Bubba Harris on Team Supercross
Got this one over the weekend, but the editorial pistols got stuck in the holster, then the gun jammed. Still, stoked for Bill & Bubba, gettin the hook up hooked up.

We haven’t seen Bubba much lately (well, Salt Lake, so not TOO long ago), but looks like Paternity leave is over, and he’ll be suited up in Factory Supercross threads at the three final ABA Pro races (Redline Cup Finals – West, Disney Cup, then the ABA Grands). BMXNEWS will be watching for Bubba and his Envy on the inside, over the first jump in Orlando.


What started out as an ENVY frame deal for Bubba quickly turned into a full ride for the former 3 time ABA #1 Pro and Former UCI World Champion. Bubba has always been a friend of Supercross and the timing was right to get the new year started a bit early. For those of you new to the sport, be prepared to see some amazing racing, for those of you that have been around a few years, well you already know what Bubba can do. Bub is healed, and Bub is hungry , so get ready to watch Bub ride. Bubba’s first race in full Supercross Factory gear will be at the Redline Cup West Finals in 2 weeks, so be sure to stop on by the Supercross Pits and grab a poster or two from Bubba, Kenth, Courtney and the rest of the Supercross Factory Team and welcome Bub to the Supercross Family, in BMX style.