First Look: ABA State Prizes Packin Patriotic Pride

April 20, 2010 by  

BMX Racing Awards, ABA State Champion Backpacks

The 2010 season is just getting out of the gate in some parts of the country…but it’s never too early to be talkin about year-end awards, right? Afterall, that’s one of the motivators to go do those sprints you’ve been putting off, or get to that state qualifier instead of going to less important things like your own graduation (half kidding).

ABA sneaked us a peek at the 2010 State Championship backpacks by Fly Racing. Way cool on the graphics, and plenty of room for back to school goodies (we know, it’s not even summer break yet). And these backpacks are not the exclusive province of us in the states—Canadians will be rockin some Maple Leaf pride with a Provincial Champion design of their own, decked in the red & white.

Earned, never given, at ABA State Finals all over North America.