Former Olympic Track: “Life After People”

March 16, 2010 by  

The 2008 Beijing Olympics BMX Venue 17 months later
BMXNEWS is a fan of the History Channel show “Life After People,” where each episode, we get to see what would happen if we air breathers just up and disappeared all at once. You see airplanes ghost-ridden into mountains, nuclear plants run amok, a tropical rain forest taking over LA’s Beverly Center, and REAL bulls and bears running down Wall Street in NYC, all at various times over the course of the next millennium.

But what would BMX be like “After People?” Well, we get a little glimpse into that by taking a look at the 2008 Beijing Olympics BMX Venue, a mere 17 months after Maris, Mike and dR stepped off the podium. On a recent trip to Beijing, UCI’s G.Peruzzi snapped these heartbreaking frames of Chinese BMX “after people.”





After spending $750,000 on building the venue, we hoped to see a thriving program take root in the months and years to follow. Instead, any number of species of weeds and overgrowth have sprouted up. One insider commented that it felt like “China was shopping for some easy medals via BMX Racing.” Not so easy to do, as we all know, especially now that so many nations have gotten gunfighter-serious about developing and training athletes for games to come.

We are excited to see what UCI track builder Tom Ritz has in his secret vault for the London 2012 track. Stay tuned to BMXNEWS for all the coverage leading up to London.

As for the Beijing track? All we can do now is join in a chorus of “WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE.”