Help Nate Berkheimer Out! Help Nate Berkheimer Out!
"Lets help Nate out with this Freak Accident. He's got huge medical bills over his head and we can all spot him a 20$ to make it easier. Show some love. See the Donation block to the right. From Nate B I just got home last night from the Riverside County Hospital where I spent the last ...   Read More →
Posted On: May 31, 2006
Mini BMX Magnetic Seat Repulsion System Mini BMX Magnetic Seat Repulsion System
"The second in a series of innovative BMX new product reviews by, Rachel ""Buns of Steel"" Smith Since my last product review, the Quick-Clip-Grip, I have been overwhelmed with inquiries from top manufacturers to test their wares. However, one product stood out from the rest with its uniqueness and top design. The newest innovation I decided ...   Read More →
Posted On: May 30, 2006
Berkheimer Accident Berkheimer Accident
"Kent, Washington - After the recent ABA National held in Lake Perris, CA, Diamondback's AA Pro Racer/Dirt Jumper Nate Berkheimer crashed and broke his femur while riding the trails located next to the BMX track. The race was over, having got a third on cruiser and fifth in the class semi, Nate was just having fun jumping ...   Read More →
Posted On: May 30, 2006
Another Femur Another Femur
Nate Birkheimer has reportedly broken his Femur while jumping in a Dirt Jump Comp at the Lake Perris Real Ride Skate Park. News is still unclear right now on the condition but we will keep you guys posted on Nates recovery. Keep this BMXer in your thoughts and he will be back as fast as he can. ...   Read More →
Posted On: May 28, 2006
Double A Marketing Report: ABA Spring Nationals Double A Marketing Report: ABA Spring Nationals
"The ABA held round #8 of the 2006 Pro Series at Lake Perris, CA Lake Perris has been a long time favorite of the ABA, as in the past. Lake Perris was host for the ABA Fall Nationals, as well as other national events. The Lake Perris track is smack dab in the middle of an action ...   Read More →
Posted On: May 28, 2006
Supercross BMX Poster Supercross BMX Poster
"A year ago Supercross BMX introduced their first BMX Poster that featured ABA #1 Pro Women Samantha Cools on one side and Vet Pro Todd Parry on the other to try to offer up a little bit of BMX wall decoration that has been so sadly missed in the sport lately. The response to these posters was ...   Read More →
Posted On: May 25, 2006
"El Cajon, California Formula riders were once again all over the NBL map this past weekend with Elite Mens leader dR Donny Robinson at the Golden State National in Prunedale, California and Elite Womens leader Amanda Geving at the Florida State Championship in Tampa, Florida. Both riders had something to prove this weekend with Donny being the ...   Read More →
Posted On: May 24, 2006
Kansas Redline Cup Qualifier Kansas Redline Cup Qualifier
"Sadly Palmer Park BMX track in Scott City , KS BMX track is shutting down. The Redline Cup Qualifier that was scheduled to be their will now be at EPBMX . The double point that EPBMX had scheduled for October will now be changed to the Sunday following the Redline Cup in June. Below is the dates ...   Read More →
Posted On: May 23, 2006
Intense BMX Team Bike Kit Intense BMX Team Bike Kit
"The 2005 ABA Bike of the year has just got a bit better. Now upgraded with the best fork in BMX, the Bombshell F1, the Intense Team bike kit, rated 10 out of 10 by BMX Plus, can be yours! The team kit comes with the best parts in BMX Shimano Saint Cranks, Bombshell F1 Forks, FLY ...   Read More →
Posted On: May 23, 2006
Redline Trailer Vandalized! Redline Trailer Vandalized!
Littie did Jason Carnes know that when he parked the Redline Trailer at BMX Head Quarters it would be Vandalized. Not even 2 hours after the trailer was dropped off a Vegas BMXer showed up and tagged his name over the picture of Bubba Harris. We have called the police and they are looking for the ...   Read More →
Posted On: May 23, 2006
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