"Mikey Day wins his first NORA CUP in Las Vegas tonight. After a great NBL season, winning the NBL Pro Title and placing second at the UCI Worlds, Mike Day has had a awesome year. More news about the NORA CUP coming soon....."    Read More →
Posted On: September 29, 2005
Australian Dirk Winter Japan Race update Australian Dirk Winter Japan Race update
"First day back from Japan and what a trip I had! On Tuesday the 20th I awoke and hit the airport & straight away I was struck with a problem, no ticket! The ticket had been sent to my home address instead of the address mum supplied. It was 6:30am and we didn't have the number of ...   Read More →
Posted On: September 28, 2005
Days Of The Wildman Days Of The Wildman
"April 10, 1993 -Rosarito, Mexico Spring Break Actual Journal Entry: We all woke up too early (9am) on Saturday & got breakfast & started drinking by 11am! We went to some bar & drank a bunch more & then went to Papas & Beer club & checked out the bikini ...   Read More →
Posted On: September 26, 2005
More Gore More Gore
"Pictures added..New Since not much is happening this week in the BMX world we bring you a few more pictures of cuts and crashes. Remember we are collecting pictures of this kind of stuff to start a gallery of ""BMX Gore."" This isn't your ordinary BMX site so feel free to send in whatever you have. If ...   Read More →
Posted On: September 22, 2005
Bellarine Spectacular in Australia Bellarine Spectacular in Australia
"On the weekend we headed to sunny Geelong for the Bellarine Spectacular. The weather was awesome and this track is setting the standard for BMX racing in Australia. Plenty of big guns turned up for this event, former world champion Michael Fenwick, Tony HRV Harvey and Daniel DK Johnston. The scene was set for a great final, ...   Read More →
Posted On: September 21, 2005
Days Of The Wildman Days Of The Wildman
"February 8, 1993 -Working at GT Actual Journal Entry I Rode to GT at 7am for my first day of work. Its one mile from Bill Grad & Is apartment. Im working there as a gopher/driver for $5.50/hr. It seems like itll be pretty cool. Just basically driving around the ...   Read More →
Posted On: September 21, 2005
"Square One rider Mike Szczesny suffered the worst crash of his life last week breaking his back riding at his local trails. Mike overshot a section-to-section transfer, landed flat, and looped out onto his head and back. Mike described the crash as folding his body like a suitcase. I overshot, landed flat, and my body folded so ...   Read More →
Posted On: September 20, 2005
3rd Annual Tangent Pro/Am 3rd Annual Tangent Pro/Am
"Racers and race fans, its that time of year when all the states have their races to crown the racers that have competed all summer to become State Champions. Up here in Northern California Oak Creek BMX is once again hosting the Nor Cal State Championships. Keeping the tradition alive and bringing added excitement to the local ...   Read More →
Posted On: September 18, 2005
Photo Friday! Crash Edition Photo Friday! Crash Edition
"Photo Friday is back and this week we are have all the crash photos we have been collecting for the past few months. Cuts, Crashes and Slams. If you have some good pics be sure to send them over so we can get them up next time. Who doesn't like a little blood and gore once and ...   Read More →
Posted On: September 15, 2005
5 – UCI Supercross Questions 5 – UCI Supercross Questions
"We asked 3 BMX pros what they thought of the UCI Supercross Event in San Jose as part of the Dew Action Sports Tour. Five short questions to see how they felt about the race and what could've been made the event better. Surprising enough the Starting Hill was the best part of the track and the ...   Read More →
Posted On: September 14, 2005
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