SE Bikes is looking to build a Factory Team for 2005! SE Bikes is looking to build a Factory Team for 2005!
"It has been a LONG time since SE Bikes has had a race team terrorizing the national circuit. Well, the wait is over! SE is looking to put together a five-rider FACTORY TEAM for 2005. This team will be lead by the Wildman himself, Todd Lyons. If you think you have what it takes to be on ...   Read More →
Posted On: November 29, 2004
Help us out …. Help us out ….
"Now that your back from the Grands, tired from racing 3 days straight, sick from the dust and hung-over from parting with Dale Holmes last night.....Help us out! -Heres the deal..... We need you guys to put some content into the site. Do your part because we want to go ride today too. It's like digging at ...   Read More →
Posted On: November 29, 2004
Only in France Only in France
"French Racer Karine Chambonneau is a world traveler on the BMX circuit. We're not sure who she's riding for these days but she visits America often to tear it up with USA's best. Recently an overseas BMX website posted some pictures of Karine, in some nice new riding gear, and we have a few pics to share. ...   Read More →
Posted On: November 26, 2004
ABA Grands Report ABA Grands Report
"- Bubba Harris wins ABA Title! - Purse Wins AA Pro Race! - Luke Madill wins Open & Cuiser - Samatha Cools Wins Girls Title - Carnes wins Vet Title Sunday Update - Bubba Harris Just went from 6th in the semi to 2nd by taking the Pro section! That's bad ass!. Main time there will be ...   Read More →
Posted On: November 26, 2004
Aggro Bikes announces new website Aggro Bikes announces new website
"It's almost X-Mas and we're sure your looking to buy some new stuff for your bike. Check out the brand new ""Aggro Bikes"" online bike shop. Then tell your mom to hand over that credit card.""Just in time for the Holiday Season, Aggro Bikes today announced the successful launch of their new website, Our new ...   Read More →
Posted On: November 23, 2004
Mike Mcgonigle Interview Mike Mcgonigle Interview
"Whos Mike McGonigle? If you don't know you should read this. Find out whats up in Mike's world. Whats on his mind, Who he rides with, His plans for next year and who his toughest comp is.." Name: Mike McGonigle Age: 23 Class: Expert Location: Laurel, MD Bike and parts on ...   Read More →
Posted On: November 22, 2004
Bike Show 05 England Bike Show 05 England
"BMX Racing is confirmed once again for the Bike Show 05 in the UK. Recent US based riders to the show have been your very own RM59, Dale Holmes, Jamie Staff, Neal Wood, Todd Lyons and Cristian Becerine.""Any of those riders will tell you what a great show it is, 28,000 through the doors over 3 days, ...   Read More →
Posted On: November 20, 2004
Dale Holmes Pulls Backflip!! Dale Holmes Pulls Backflip!!
"Huntington Beach, Ca - AA Pro Dale Holmes takes a big risk today and completes his first ever Back-Flip. With only one week before the ""Greatest Race on Earth"" Dale shows the young trail bosses he's got the skills to pay the bills." "With much criticism about Bubba Harris's fall at the ABA Del Mar National, Dale ...   Read More →
Posted On: November 19, 2004
Bolivian Grand Nationals Bolivian Grand Nationals
"BOLIVIA, home of super fast racers is having their GRAND NATIONALS, the 27th and 28th of this month. The race will be held in the city of La Paz, home of one of the best tracks in South America, With a Pro section full of huge doubles, one of them almost 45 feet long!, and with the ...   Read More →
Posted On: November 18, 2004
360 X-Up How-To Video 360 X-Up How-To Video
This is the first How-To Video added to BMX We will be filming when we get time and get more video clips like this on the site.. Hope it works.. Ever wanted to learn a 360 X-Up? Check this out..    Read More →
Posted On: November 18, 2004